According to statistics, 50% of the people who visit a website only wait until 2 seconds for the content to appear. If later than that, they leave your site without thinking of going back. Would the fastest websites make a difference in the market? Will a fast loading website rank and convert higher than the slow ones?

The answer is YES! It totally makes a big difference. Why is website speed so important then? Let’s find out below. Your website’s speed makes the first impression.

There’s a saying that goes “first impressions last” (although it does not apply all the time), however, first impressions are important.

Do you know that your website visitors have the tendency to instantly judge you and your business just because of your website speed?

Therefore, if your website is fast, congratulations! You made a good first impression. Your new visitor becomes initially happy, so it’s an easy win for you in terms of User Experience.

Additionally, Fast websites are seen as professional, efficient, and reliable which creates trust and confidence from the visitors. On the other hand, slow websites are considered unsafe, inefficient, and unreliable, where 75% of the visitors don’t actually come back afterward.

Speed is expected.

Everybody expects quick results either on a mobile phone, a desktop, a tablet, or a laptop. That’s how the majority of us use the internet nowadays. We all like to get fast answers and instant results. And, speed is most especially desired when people are on the move!

You would not worry about how fast your website is if you already have an established business like Facebook, Amazon, or Google. However, if you have a small business, it’s really best to start off as fast as possible.

Speed affects User Experience.

Creating a remarkable and simple experience for your visitors creates a positive user experience. People visiting your website are looking for something, therefore, give them what they are looking for and give it to them fast!

Confused and frustrated visitors will most likely leave your site. Their frustration actually starts with a slow website, so give your website speed your top priority.

Speed affects conversions.

Again, 40% of your visitors leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, slow websites are not just driving people away but are also wasting up the chances of gaining sales!

Slow websites have permanent effects.

When visitors leave your site because of a negative user experience, their opinion does not only stay there. Eventually, people will start spreading the news about how bad their experience was when visiting your website and then more people will share the same news. Therefore, those expressions of negative experiences will affect your natural growth and name.

Website speed affects your Google rank.

Google is really putting a great emphasis on website speed. They are committed to ensuring that the internet is super fast, easily accessible and useful. Although you will hear a lot of information about Google’s take on website speed (either true information or false), you can trust that Google is taking into account a website load speed when ranking them.

Now, my question is, how fast does your website load? Is it fast enough or slow?

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