How To Add A New Page in WordPress Site

You have come to the right place to learn adding a new page in your WordPress site.

Build your own WordPress site page.

Show up your capabilities to express the details you want to show on your website.

We are a website development company and we would like everyone interested to learn managing a WordPress site.

Furthermore, we want to bring success not only with our clients.

We are very eager to help all people by finding solutions for their business or any personal intentions.

It will be for everybody’s greater good by means of blog and video tutorials.

Are you ready to start? This won’t take long, it will be just easy and short.

Please to login to WordPress site back-end.

Load this page on the web browser – www.[website name].com/[wp-admin]

Once page already loaded, fill in your username/email and password and click “Log in” button.

Now, look for “Pages” at the left menu or you can point it and click “Add New” on the pop up.

If you click “Pages” on the left menu, an all page’s list will be loaded.

To add a page then, just click the “Add New” button at the top of the page.

To initially add a new WordPress site, please do the following:

  • Type a page title.
  • Click “Save Draft” button.

We can only do adding new page for this tutorial.

We also cannot publish it because it is still unfinished and no content added.

Completing the whole instructions above will make you prepared for the next tutorial.

Are curious what will it be?

You should have excitement with burning desire right now because it will help to complete the whole page.

You have started reading this tutorial and the next tutorial will be a very big part.

Another learning that will surely benefit your niche, as well as your goals.

Are you fully excited now?

No worries, I will give you all the hint I can give.

Okay, this is a WordPress plugin and it is so much easier to use.

It has 46 Content Modules that anyone can do.

No need to have coding knowledge, just drag and drop.

Build pages that you had never imagine as easy as DIVI Builder.

Start building and finish your WordPress site now.

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Did you finished the tutorial?

It was easy right?

To tell you, if there are guidance it will surely bring you to the output you expected.

Sure thing it is exciting and fun to learn things by tinkering.

However, we cannot apply that in all times because it also depends on a situation.

Just like we don’t want to ruin any output made.

Of course we need to do back up for technical aspects.

But on the other hand, we just can’t simply not do the same.

Congratulation for finishing this tutorial!

You know, I think we should have a realization for this tutorial.

Now you have created a page of your WordPress site.

It’s time to think of something awesome to put in your page like texts, images, and videos.

Let’s think of something helpful for the people that will look in your WordPress Site.

Do that that we will promise to create a tutorial that will guide you all the way to your awesome page.

And i hope that you’re already prepared when the tutorial will be posted.

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