Managing WordPress Site General Setting

Most of the companies all over the world are using WordPress.

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But wait! What is this WordPress tutorial all about specifically? How can WordPress help our business?

For starters, WordPress is a free content management system and has several plugins to use for a website.

Therefore, WordPress has been very helpful not only to companies but to individual as well. Having a WordPress site, search engine optimization is much easy and convenient to do and will give more options to rank your website to google on first page.

By the way, this will the first WordPress tutorial by Success Online Australia. This tutorial is inspired to help our customers to little changes they can to their WordPress site and to all people that are interested to learn WordPress, because we want every businesses to have success.

This WordPress tutorial is just very easy, you don’t even need to have knowledge with web development, just follow the instructions.

There are 3 objectives to this tutorial:

  • A. Update important details in GENERAL SETTINGS

To start, you need to login to a WordPress admin page.

1. Load the WordPress admin login page https:// [WORDPRESS SITE ADDRESS]/wp-admin/ , then you should see a page like the image below.

2. Type the login details USERNAME/EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD. If you don’t have one, please contact your WordPress developer or your website administrator and ask for a WordPress account.

3. After logging in, you should see the WordPress dashboard just like the image shown below.

A. Update important details in GENERAL SETTINGS.

1. On the left side menu of the dashboard, look for Settings and click General. You should see and interface just like the image below.

Site Title – this will show in all of the website pages. It is very important the you will input words that are similar with your domain.

Tagline– a website goal or niches.

Email Address – please provide an active email account. This is very useful for admin purposes.

Note: Please do not tick Anyone can register at Membership. You don’t want to give access to strangers that will allow them to mess up with your WordPress site.

If done doing changes with the website click the blue Save Changes button.


Permalink is the hyperlink to the web pages. It is very important that we setup the permalink of your WordPress site according to your website niche or specifically with researched keywords relating to the business. It is important for the permalinks to setup correctly.

To setup the WordPress site permalinks. Just follow the steps below:

i. Under Settings, click Permalinks. You should see a page just like the image below.

ii. Common settings of permalinks are plain, day and name, month and name, numeric, post name, and custom structure.

It really depends on what kind of website but Post Name is the most recommended permalink settings so search engine optimization team can put the keywords on it.

iii. If you want to be more organized with your permalink, you can enter details on Category base and Tag base.

Iv. To save all the setting, just click the blue Save Changes button.


In the mean time, with Media Settings on your WordPress site. You will no longer worry on setting up each image on your site one by one. Set-up your image sizes and you’ll see the convenience and cleanliness of your site

i. Under Settings, click Media. You should see a page just like the image below.

ii. You can set the thumbnail size, medium size, and large files. All of the sizes will be in pixel unit. An do not exceed with the maximum and minimum width/height/

iii. Uploads can also be organized per month and year base. Just tick the box under Uploading Files.

iv. To save all the setting, just click the blue Save Changes button.

As we want all people to be more convenient as possible, we also created a video tutorial for this topic. Just hit the play button below and enjoy the tutorial.

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