"I am in my 50's and not very savvy with computers. I had 4 hours training on MaQS (Instrument Tracking System) and couldn't believe I could use it straight away with no problems.

I, for one, am very happy with its ease of use and the results we get."

Stephanie, NSW

"It is 12 months since we installed MaQS, and now we're wondering how on earth we managed without it. We chose MaQS after looking at several of the Inventory Tracking Systems available on the market; MaQS fulfilled all our key identified requirements even down to some customised changes for our organisation. MaQS has paid for itself within the first 12 months, through tracking our inventory costs to individual patient use, which enables us to capture costs for accurate billing."

Scott, ACT

"MaQS excels at Customer Support and Service. Response times, backup are brilliant. All our queries are answered, and they have that attitude where no request or question is too silly."

Cheryl, ACT