Here's what our clients say about our works

"We need someone to help us will our marketing for Don Green Engineering we are a Toolmaker and Stamper company so I rang Peter to come and see me, That week he pop in to see us "Peter said he new nothing about this industry" I found it funny that he would aim this, then he explain why? One week later he found out who was who and prices etc. Success Online then put a marketing plan together and revamped our website and put systems in place. I was so impressed that I have asked him to help me out with another company that I have just got. Thanks Peter all the best in the future and I must say that Peter as a very good friend now.

Peter Green, Don Green Engineering

"Having known you now for over 10 years, I can honestly say that you Peter, are one of the nicest, most honest and loyal friends I have. We have worked together on many projects and you have really helped me get several ventures off the ground and really going. Your enthusiasm and drive appear endless and when we are working on a project, never a moment goes by without another new and fresh idea being born." "I can thoroughly recommend you and your services to anyone in business. Peter's marketing ideas are sound and yet simple. If followed, you can't help but enjoy great success. Give him a call today. Every moment you wait, is money you are losing!

Gavin Tooley

"I would like to thank Peter & Success Online for changing the direction of our business. We have a Dance Company in Sydney. I still remember a rival dance company turning him down and that allowed us the opportunity to engage his services.I now believe the other company is regretting they decision... We now have one of BIGGEST Dance Company in Sydney with have nine venues around Sydney metropolitan area equating to approximately 1000 people dancing Ceroc every week. Success Online changed our image and made our company very hip & funky! so from the bottom of my heart Peter thanks for helping me and my company.You are invited to come to dancing anytime". "I still ring Peter from time to time to ask him questions and bounce ideas off him. He is always willing to offer help:)"

Nicky Haslam

"I still remember when Peter came in to the business, we were only selling 44 Tracking units each month, and we were so close to closing the doors. NAB were on our backs and said that we needed to sell 600 units per month over the next six months. Peter from Success Online put this promotion together saying: Just imagine hopping into 7 different Porsche cars and driving 240km per hour; all they had to do was order 20 Tracking units a month per month and you can have a trip of a lifetime on us. We had car dealerships ordering to go on the trip. Peter sold 400 tracking units that month, Peter then sold 600 tracking unit the following month. Peter you are one in a million you know what people want".

JP Drysdale