Gavin Tooley

"Having known you now for over 10 years, I can honestly say that you Peter, are one of the nicest, most honest and loyal friends I have. We have worked together on many projects and you have really helped me get several ventures off the ground and really going. Your enthusiasm and drive appear endless and when we are working on a project, never a moment goes by without another new and fresh idea being born." "I can thoroughly recommend you and your services to anyone in business. Peter's marketing ideas are sound and yet simple. If followed, you can't help but enjoy great success. Give him a call today. Every moment you wait, is money you are losing!

Gavin Tooley, Director


Gavin Tooley, Director

Ivan is a Zend PHP 5.3 Certified Engineer with over 10 years web development experience. He has well versed in the PHP programming language and has a wide experience in multiple PHP frameworks such as Phalcon, Symfony and CodeIgniter, as well as javascript frameworks like jQuery and ExtJS, including the UI framework bootstrap.

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